Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Oh my goodness - what a GREAT night the four of us had tubing!!! Flying down the hill, snow covered faces, yummy poutine in the chalet - all soooo much fun!!!!

Cass was talking a mile a minute with excitement, while Chloe was so in awe that I think she forgot how to talk which is hard for Chloe to do! LOL!!

But I have to say, the most hilarious part was when Jeff and I went down the hill together, flew into the sacks of hay at the bottom of the hill, and heard the hill guard said "Dudes - that was spectacular!!!" Jeff and I laughed sooooo hard, and at that very moment I felt like we were silly sixteen year-olds again!

There is no doubt in my mind that we'll be tubing again!!!


  1. Tubing is so much fun! I remember when my boys were younger and we would all go... some amazing times! Your photos are awesome!
    Joanne xo