Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom, Mama, Bridget, Bridge, B, Bee - a woman of many pseudonyms!

Who am I? Or, more precisely - what is my name?

Well, that all depends on when we met, or how we know each other!

My Dad, Mom, and sister ALWAYS call me Bridge - unless of course when I was young getting in trouble in which case I got all 3 of my names - First, Middle, and Last!

My Brother always called me Bridge, or Bridgeovich - to this day I have no idea where Bridgeovich came from, but it was his pet name for me, so that made it a-okay in my books!

To my friends from grade school, and high school I am a mix of Bridge, Bridget, B, and Bee - all of which I love, and all of which are used interchangeably!

To my ringette friends I am Bridget, or Bee - the latter more often than the former!

To Jeff I am B or Bee. For years I was just "B", but then (and I'm not sure how) I starting signing off with Bee. :)

To Chloe I am Mama. My heart warms when she says Mama. And it's often the only way I can tell her and Cassidy apart on the phone. If I get I "Hi Mama!" I know I'm talking to Chloe!

To Cass I am Mom. My little lady growing up so fast! I used to be Mommy or Mama, but now I am Mom. But I love it - I change as she changes, I grow as she grows. :)

So, what name do I prefer? Without a doubt, all of the above. Each one of these names (as long as they are said with warmth - LOL!) are who I am. I have evolved over the years, as has my identity, so why not my name(s)?

What do I call myself? Well, as you can tell from the way I sign off each post - I see myself as a "Bee".

I must confess though, I am pretty partial to Mama and Mom - those names I wear with pride!!

How many pseudonyms do you have?


  1. I love this post! Isn't it funny how we get special little names from those we love? The most common nickname I get is Jo, but my sisters will often call me Seester (sort of a Spanish thing - not sure why!), my one brother would call me Fofanne (instead of Joanne), my Dad's favorite name for me was Skinny Minnie (which I did not like at all when I was growing up - but which I would love to hear him call me that again!), my son calls me Dude (but then again he calls everyone that!)and my hubby will often call me Pokey (again - not sure why!) Thanks for getting me to recall these silly, fun and sentimental names!
    Joanne xo

  2. let me think. Pie calls my mom, Sagey calls me mummy, and then there is Nashy he calls me Maamaa :). Jay calls me Cassie or Crystal. Everyone at works calls me Chris. In highschool there were times Crystal turned into Chrissy (to my chagrin) and then there were the last name nicknames...Kienapple usually became Pineapple :) and Scharlach now becomes Shark from time to time.

    I think years from now Piper will have some good answers to this post Bee...We all call Piper Pie and Pipes usually except for Nash who very fondly calls his big sister POOP or POOPIE. At first it bothered her and now she adores it :)