Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions - 2011

Resolutions are supposed to be made on January 1 right? Well...being the procrastinator that I am (Why on earth would one ever want to be ahead of schedule?) I am finally sitting down to publish my list! By sharing my list with you, I am hoping to be a bit more accountable for those things I resolve to try to do - emphasis on "try"!!

Here goes:

1. be more active - try new activities
2. read much more (and different genres)
3. try to cut down the diet pepsi intake (even if it means more tea intake!)
4. stick closer to our budget (yes Jeff - I will try!!!)
5. knit, knit, knit (okay - didn't really need to put that as a resolution, but I know it's something I'll do even if it's the only resolution I keep!)
6. teach the girls to make a quilt
7. paint the girls bedrooms (giving myself 12 months to get it done - sneaky eh?)
8. do something daring - not sure what yet, but something that gets my adrenaline rushing
9. write handwritten letters - back to basics, good old fashioned mail!
10. and the most important - enjoy every single day with my loved ones. Take nothing for granted!

That's it folks! Wish me luck!


P.S. What are your resolutions??


  1. Great to see you back blogging, Bridge :)

  2. Resolutions hmmn

    Well I guess it is the only one on my mind these days. I am making it my goal to do everything within my power to keep the Pie healthy in 2011. From building her immune system to really working on teaching Sagey and Nash how to be healthier for Piper. The ultimate goal is no more hospital trips this year.