Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sitting with my tea (cup half full) with my rose-coloured glasses on.

That's me. Love it, or love it! (I'm not giving you the choice to leave it - LOL!) I am a cup half full, rose-coloured glasses sort of person, even during tough times. And trust me, life has dealt me tough times, just like everyone else.

I worry. I worry most of all about my loved ones. After that, my second biggest worry is death.

That, my friends, is why I try to be a chin-up, suck-it-up-buttercup type of person. I am ALWAYS afraid that the last time I say good-bye, or the last hug, or the last conversation with someone could be the last ever. I know, I know - that is way too much stress, but it's the hand I've been dealt, and I deal with it the best I can. You can't stop a worrier from worrying, no matter how hard you try.

Wow - I ramble a lot too! Oh, and people would say that I use FAR too many exclamation marks!!!!

And so, that is why I have (against my better judgement LOL!) started up a new blog! To chronicle the little things in my world that make me smile. The little things that make me happy. The little things that don't mean much to others, but mean the world to me.

I have chosen to share this blog because there is so much negativity in this world. This blog will let you in on my little life, be it as mundane as it is.

I hope you enjoy!

(I know I'm in my own little world. It's ok, they know me here!) :)


  1. Bee,

    Welcome back and you have been missed!!! With all the chaos in the world (my own personal chaos trust me is more than I can handle most days) I really REALLY appreciate reading about your wonderful family and smiles (and especially the absolutely awesome crafty coolness that embodies who you are) mundane or not it is wonderful. Your take on the world Miss B is a fantastic thing. You are genuinely awesome :)

    As for your flagrant use of of my favorite quotations ever is: “In music, the punctuation is absolutely strict, the bars and rests are absolutely defined. But our punctuation cannot be quite strict, because we have to relate it to the audience. In other words we are continually changing the score.”

    Bridget glad to see you making music once more :)

  2. I'm not sure at all how to follow an eloquent comment like that. Chris summed up your 'take' wonderfully!

    Keep on posting the good stuff - we all need your sunshine :)

  3. Remember - before our girls went off to overnight camp, I asked if you were worried about it because there wasn't a single exclamation point in your email to me??? Don't stop using your particular brand of punctuation - I use them to find your incredibly rare dips in mood!

    Your first post summed up one of the reasons I like to say, everyone needs a little Bridget in her life. You are one of the most positive people I know and not in a Polyanna way. You understand heartache and, when people are sad, you know how to bring them up in a meaningful way.

    Thanks for blogging because that way everyone can have a little Bridget in their day, every day.

  4. guys make me blush! Each one of you is very special to me, and I am so glad I can share this life journey of mine with you! :)

    Lots of love!


  5. Welcome back to blogging Bridget! I have missed your blog and I have always loved reading your perspective on things. I too use too many exclamation points!!! And I also like to look on the positive side of life. So there you have it - a kindred spirit who is looking forward to reading your happy thoughts :)
    Joanne xo