Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Beehive Wool Shop, and a Victoria (airport) Cowl

I had a 27-hour whirlwind of a business trip to Victoria, BC on Tuesday, but the whirlwind left me a free hour to tour and get giddy in The Beehive Wool Shop on Douglas Street in Victoria!

What a shop! The ladies who worked there were phenomonal! I simply said "I'd like to pick up some wool for a new project" and the wool and patterns came flying off the shelves and into my basket! And were there is no willpower, there is lots of wool!!!

The first ball I fell in love with? A 100% pure merino wool to make a colourful cowl! And a wonderful way to kill time in the Victoria airport. Knitting with a chunky Merino and 8mm needles makes a fast, but fun, project!!! I'll be getting a lot of use of my Victoria Cowl on these cold cold days! Picture to follow...

Next came a pattern for a that one of the girls in the shop was wearing. (And will be on my needles in short order!)

And finally, some Paton's roving wool which I hadn't been able to find here. What for? Duffers!!! (Stay tuned to see what a Duffer is!)

I think the search for new and interesting wool shops all over the map is a perfect new adventure!


  1. Isn't it great finding a little shop like that? Now let's see some photos of your finished projects!
    Joanne xo

  2. I need to see some more posts from you! Please share your talents and your photos and your thoughts on life - I miss reading your blog :)
    Joanne xo